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Shelter – Sleep Walk

A 10km sponsored walk around some of London’s most beautiful and iconic sights, but with a few less salubrious locations thrown in too. 

The idea was to raise money for Shelter and also boost their profile at the same time, using PR to promote the walk rather than the traditional posters and media ads.

With Mel C and a host of other celebrities acting as ambassadors for the walk, it was quickly oversubscribed in its inaugural year with more than 1,000 people enrolling, and raised over £250,000 – three times the target set by Shelter.

We kept the barrier to entry low, a relatively easy distance and a modest entry fee, and encouraged groups of people to enter so it became more of a social event.

With the mix of landmarks and backstreets, the route was designed to remind people of the beauty and history of London, whilst reminding them how hard it is for people who are homeless.