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Adidas – Predator Launch

A launch event for the Adidas Predator Instinct football boot. We made a real-life computer game on a massive scale. Along with some of the best immersive performers in the business, we gave the players an experience they would never forget. 

They arrived at a nondescript door guarded by an unfriendly looking bouncer who left them sitting in a dark, slightly sinister looking waiting room. Suddenly actors dressed as soldiers burst in and dragged the new recruits away to put them through training, and then on to the Weapons Room to be fitted with their new Predator boots. They were then led into the arena where they had to try and score the fastest goal whilst being hunted by alien predators armed with laser rifles.

After a quick celebration, they were escorted from the building with their new boots and left wondering what exactly had just happened.

This project had an incredibly tight design and build schedule, but we brought it in on time, and under budget.