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Samsung – ANTIdiary Samsung Galaxy Launch

We worked with Punchdrunk on the Rihanna ANTIdiary project for Samsung for the launch of the new Galaxy phone. Punchdrunk conceived the idea for the whole campaign and were creative directors for the duration. 

This was a huge campaign across many different platforms: TV, print, internet, social media and live events. They were all interconnected, making an immersive experience like no other.

The main concept involved making 6 short films at Sony Studios in LA with Rihanna. Additionally, 360° interactive images of the sets used in the films were made at the same time to show off the phone’s VR capabilities and give extra content to Rihanna’s fans, the Navy. 

There was also a multimedia campaign across TV, internet, social media and print, along with ‘secret’ live events in several cities around the USA. The audience picked up clues from the films, Instagram and Twitter to find the secret locations and take part in an interactive experience with characters from the films.